It’s 2018, if you’re a business owner then you will need to consistently blog. This is something I have come to realize, and accept. Websites are static, unless you are a photographer and continuously add to you online portfolio. But simply adding images won’t allowing you to engage with your audience. Blog, and allow comments, even from trolls.


So, moving forward here’s what you can expect from upcoming blog posts from yours truly:

  • Photography tips
  • RV Tips
  • Tips on how to be a Digital Nomad
  • What is a Digital Nomad
  • Random thoughts
  • Travelling in Costa Rica

Another thing to keep in mind is attention spans. People (me) lack them. KISS – Keep It Simple (Short) Stupid (Silly, if you offend easily). If I learned anything from my 18 years in the radio industry it’s the ability to tell a story in the shortest time possible. Today, your content is competing with literally BILLIONS of other content, and people can be viewing you content whilst on the crapper. Keep it concise!



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